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Ondria Hardin

Out of a clear blue sky

I know you know
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holycreep: hello, may i know what camera are you using? thank you!

See it below!

tokitaro: what camera do you use to take the photos uploaded on your blog? the pictures are really crisp and it's really fascinating :-) have a great week ahead!

Hello! I used my brother’s camera, Canon 550D with kit set lens! But Iately I brought a second-hand 450D and will take photos with it in the coming future!

You too!


The stewardess came to check on me again. This time she sat next to me and asked if I was all alright."I’m fine, thanks," I said with a smile. "Just feeling kind of blue.""I know what you mean," she said. "It happens to me, too, every once in a while.”She stood and gave me a lovely smile. “Well, then, have a nice trip. Auf Wiedersehen.”"Auf Wiedersehen."- quoted from Norwegian Woodhttp://fromtheimaginist.blogspot.com/2014/04/auf-wiedersehen.html

white-rhoses: your blog is pure perfection! xx

Thanks for the appreciation!


Vittorio Ronconi
Aprite … Amici, 1955
c12h22o: hello! i saw your handmade scarf and the colour and material looks so good *.* may i know where did you buy the yarn from? :-)

Just a random yarn shop and they don’t stock it anymore :/

soyeiu: I'm always inspired by your fashion and photography, Thank you! ^_^


nanapeun: hi omg i really love ur other blog (bykikili) i really love ur photos and ur fashion sense ♡ ♡ couldnt send a fan mail there so i 'ask'ed u here


Actually I have a main blog (http://fromtheimaginist.blogspot.com/)! But I have just decided to stop it for a while.

miraretahana: Hello! Stumbled upon your tumblr today... Just wanted to say that I really like your sense of style. ^^

Thanks for the appreciation~